Cheers and UBER Creating a Mobile Messenger Bot

Tackling NZ’s binge drinking culture head on.

 We needed to remind young Kiwis to eat, drink water, pace themselves and plan their way of getting home. But young Kiwis aren’t ‘planners’. To convince our audience to change their mindset around planning, we had a real-time conversation with them during their night out. We developed a Facebook Messenger Bot that would send night-outers a message from their sober selves. Messages encouraged them to drink responsibly throughout the night and then alerted them when it was time to head off. A time that their sober self had set them. The Sober Self Bot incentivised leaving with a 25% Uber discount that only lasted one hour!

  • We delivered over 157,000 interactions with the bot, made up of 14,000 unique users and a 60% redemption rate of the Uber discount code
  • CAANZ BEACON Awards 2018: Gold - Best Creative Media Idea
  • CAANZ BEACON Awards 2018: Gold - Best Use of Mobile
  • CAANZ BEACON Awards 2018: Silver- Best Use of Technology