"The new Google Analytics will give you the essential insights you need to be ready for what’s next."

Introducing Google Analytics 4 properties

Google Analytics 4 is now the default experience for new Google Analytics properties and where Google is investing for the future. Google Analytics 4 builds upon the features introduced in Google Analytics App+Web  and is an entirely new measurement model which provides a more unified analytics solution for better cross-device measurement. Key new benefits include:

1. Understand customer journeys with cross device insights powered by Google Signals
2. Privacy centric measurement with regulatory compliance and tools 
3. Google’s machine learning to predict customer actions
4. Cross platform ads integrations and native data-driven attribution 
5. Google Cloud integration to enable data decisioning and prediction

Google Analytics 4 includes a number of new reports, structured around customer lifecycle (Acquisition, Engagement, Monetization, Retention) with the ability for marketers to understand return and activate their first party data in a compliant manner. 

What is the impact?

Google has no immediate plans to deprecate Universal Google Analytics. However,  Google Analytics 4 is the primary analytics product that is being invested in.

MBM strongly recommend that all organisations who use Google Analytics set up dual tagging so they can start collecting data and take advantage of new Google Analytics 4 features and capabilities.  Data collection for Google Analytics 4 starts from scratch and implementation can take time. Setting dual tagging up now will give you historical data to work with and greater ownership of a migration path.  

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Google Analytics 4 offers a number of new enterprise features

  • No sampling The standard reports in Google Analytics 4 are always unsampled
  • Google BigQuery integration Google Analytics 4 data can be sent to Google BigQuery for indepth analysis and activation
  • No hit limits The 500 hit per session limit is now unlimited
  • Advanced Analysis Previously a GA360 feature, the Advanced Analysis module is available to all

How we can help you get started with Google Analytics 4


  • Migration plan for your websites, apps, devices
  • Mapping current Google Analytics setup to the new measurement model


  • Implementing Google Analytics 4 tags through your tag management solution (Google Tag Manager, Segment, or Tealium)
  • Configuring your new Google Analytics 4 property
  • Creating developer specifications for tracking apps and other connected devices

Operation and Analysis

  • Setting you up to get the most out of Google Analytics 4
  • Visualising data using Data Studio
  • Leveraging BigQuery for advanced user analysis
  • Bespoke projects and consulting
  • Data mining and statistical analysis
  • A/B Testing

Data Integrity

  • Implementation testing
  • Audits and troubleshooting
  • Data architecture


  • Organisation wide training
  • Analyst and technical training using BigQuery

Want help with your migration to Google Analytics 4?

We've supported a number of organisations with their Google Analytics 4 implementation - with experience across different endpoints including app, web, IOT and cTV and complex tracking solutions incorporating offline data, we can help you chart a path forward with minimal disruption.