Southern Cross Health Society Podcast Series

Creating NZ’s most popular podcast series

Southern Cross Health Society are on a journey to be leaders in health and wellbeing supporting Kiwis to live their best and healthiest lives.

As part of our ‘Take Life Back’ campaign there was a need to demonstrate how to take life back. We used podcasts to engage with our audience through a conversational approach. One which enabled us to share a huge amount of information in an easily digestible format.

We produced a NZ media-first, 6 part podcast series called Take Life Back fronted by Stacey Morrison. Episodes were shared through the NZME print, radio, and digital ecosystem.

The series was so compelling we spent a month at the top of NZs most popular podcasts!

  • Increased brand awareness to achieve the highest levels in 4 years
  • 25% of Southern Cross members felt personally empowered to reclaim wellbeing after listening!
  • Best Use of Audio- IAB Awards 2019