Trade Me NZ’s first out of home adserver

A New Zealand First: Live From Trade Me’s News Desk

Trade Me sought a solution that would enable them to instantaneously publish its multitude of advertising messages. Trade Me uniquely sat atop of a gold mine of content: its 7.5million+ listings.

The only problem: other than their own site, they had no platform to broadcast them all on for the wider public to see. We developed a mechanism that empowered Trade Me to update its multiple creative messages in real time, using its own live data and, without using a creative agency. We enlisted a team of developers to help us build the country’s first out-of-home adserver. We built a Content Management System (CMS) that gave Trade Me staff the creative freedom to assemble and distribute multiple iterations of messages to the majority of out of home media providers, in real-time.

  • In 4 months, 156 unique creative messages were dispatched with $0 creative cost.
  • Regan Savage, Acting Chief Customer Officer, Trade Me:“Our out of home adserver has changed the way we think about outdoor advertising... It’s liberating and cost-effective, and has meant outdoor has become part of our core marketing toolkit.”
  • CAANZ BEACON Awards 2019 - Gold Best Use of Technology