J.H. Whittaker's & Sons Hundreds & Thousands Block Launch

Everything is better in 100s & 1000s

A whimsical, emotive insight based on a human truth that every 6 year old knows to be true… ‘Everything is better in 100’s & 1000’s’ resulted in MBM developing a near real-time social publishing event on Facebook. Fun, light hearted content stimulated engagement, talk-ability, and encouraged trial. We simply asked what we should next dip in 100’s & 1000’s and then we would actually did it… from bikes, high heel shoes, cars, glasses, ice-creams… you name it, we dipped it creating over 30 pieces of content that we published during the near real-time Facebook social publishing event.



  • Over 682,050 New Zealanders reached in 1 day
  • 122,200 clicks on our posts excluding likes & comments!
  • The launch helped smash the sales objective by 30% with record units per store per week figures, all from $1,800 in paid media spend!