J.H. Whittaker's & Sons L&P Chocolate

An accident waiting to happen

To launch this unique & surprising chocolate collaboration, MBM and partners developed a social media manipulation strategy by creating a newsworthy faux accident, to grab the nation’s attention. We made NZ believe that a Whittaker’s van had crashed into the iconic giant L&P bottle and then surprised all of NZ with the product reveal via P.R, social media and supporting advertising.



  • Massive earned publicity across TVNZ, TV3, Fairfax, Stuff, NZ Herald, NewsTalk ZB, RadioLive and socially on Twitter & Facebook
  • Whittaker’s sold over 1.7 million units of L&P in 7 days!
  • We exceeded the 250g block monthly sales target by 206%
  • ROI on media investment was $8 : $1 on block sales in the first month alone