Sharesies launching a new brand to the masses

Making shares easy
for thousands of Kiwis

Sharesies is an investment platform giving someone with $5 the same investment opportunities as someone with $500,000! They allow Kiwis to manage their very own investment portfolio right from their pocket.

MBM were tasked with doubling the number of customers Sharesies had to 150,000 in six months. We developed an always-on digital strategy across social and programmatic media, and one month later helped Sharesies achieve their highest acquisition month ever. We then extended the Sharesies channel mix and launched Sharesies onto TV for the first time.

The results were phenomenal, and the stars aligned. As other advertisers shifted their budgets away from TV due to Covid-19, we kept going with strong awareness-building media. Our communications approach was justified when we hit our ambitious target of 150,000 six weeks ahead of target. By the six month mark this had grown to 170,000 customers and we're still helping Sharesies grow!

  • “We couldn't have got to where we have today without MBM. While our numbers have been helped by extraordinary recent events, the brand exposure that MBM provided Sharesies was the icing on the cake. We're becoming a household name, and we have a lot to thank MBM for in that journey.” Sharesies Marketing Manager Alan Doak